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Commercial HVAC Service in Baltimore & Surrounding Communities

Chason Service Engineers, Inc. is experienced at bringing HVAC solutions to companies of all sizes and types. Our services include:

  • The design and installation of a heating and cooling system customized to the configurations of your facility – and optimized to keep your ongoing HVAC costs down.
  • Seasonal heating and air conditioning maintenance that can keep your system in good working order and help you avoid expensive repair bills.
  • Emergency repair. If your furnace quits on a cold day or your AC on a hot one, call us – at any hour. We have a 24/7 live answering service for your convenience.

And whether we’re providing you with repairs or maintenance, our skilled technicians can service allbrands of heating and cooling systems effectively. Plus, you get a warranty on all commercial HVAC services and installations.


Size Does Matter

Not all HVAC contractors have the experience needed to handle a commercial HVAC system, which is generally much larger than the equipment needed in a home. In addition to a larger size, a facility may have more complex needs than a residence, such as when different areas are partitioned off and individual climate control is required for each area, or if a building is housing items that must be kept at certain temperatures.

It’s also important to place the HVAC components where they can be accessed but not take up valuable space – usually on a rooftop or behind a building. After more than 70 years of keeping Baltimore businesses comfortable, Chason Service Engineers, Inc. has the experience to do the same for your company.

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